Carnival Cruise Lines is dedicated to offering the finest cruising experience to our guests with disabilities
and special requirements. Our ships provide a quality of service and variety of accessible features to make
your voyage a relaxing and enjoyable experience. It is for this reason that Carnival Corporation has been
honored with the “Access Freedom” award presented by the Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
(SATH); this award is the highest honor in the travel industry that SATH presents to recognize individuals
and organizations that have made the greatest strides in advancing opportunities for persons with

Wheelchair Users
Wheelchairs and Scooters
Carnival offers a limited number of staterooms designed to be wheelchair accessible. There are size
guidelines for wheelchairs that vary from vessel to vessel. If you are planning on bringing a Wheelchair or
Scooter onboard, please contact our Guest Access Services Department.

Due to safety requirements, all scooters must be stored and charged in your guest stateroom.

Fully accessible cabins include an entry doorway which is 32”in width; a 36” wide accessible path through
the stateroom;

Special Transfers
For transportation from the airport to the pier, Wheelchair Lift Transfers are available for guests with limited
or no mobility. We must have your request for lift transfer service at least one week prior to sailing.
Standard transfer charges apply. Please advise a Guest Access Services Representative if you require this
For wheelchair assistance at the airport terminals, please contact the air carrier directly.

Ship transfer / Shore tour options
At certain ports of call, small boats known as tenders are used to transport passengers from the ship to
shore. Whenever possible, Carnival will attempt to permit guests using wheelchairs to proceed. However,
certain of these tenders may not be accessible to individuals using wheelchairs, or the status of the
tendering process at a particular port or under certain weather conditions may provide difficult for a safe
transfer to take place. In each case, it will be the decision of the ship officials to determine, based on their
evaluation of safety issues for our guests and crew, whether or not a guest using a wheelchair may board a
tender. To obtain information about ports of call which require tendering, please contact Guest Access

Carnival will make every effort to work with you to help you identify shore excursions to meet your needs.
Information on shore options is available by calling our Guest Access Services Department or online.

Deaf /Hard of Hearing

TTY Kits are available and include a Text telephone, Bed shaker, Smoke alarm, Door knocker and phone
amplifier. Infrared systems are available in the main show lounges onboard some ships. Please contact the
Guest Access Service Departments should you require a portable hearing kit.

Infrared systems for the Hard of Hearing are available in the main show lounges onboard some of our

Blind/Low Vision
Braille is available in many areas of the ship.
Large print literature can be provided with advance arrangements.
Elevator Audio deck indicator.

Service Animals
Carnival Cruise Lines does permit guest to travel on board with specially trained service animal (e.g., seeing
eyed and hearing–ear dogs). Please note that many of our exciting ports of call have established strict entry
requirements for animals.
Therefore, guests with service animals who wish to disembark in ports of call should contact the
Department of Agriculture to determine the policy of each destination regarding admission of service
animals to the particular country.

Pets are not permitted onboard.
For more information contact the Guest Access Services department at 800-438-6744 extension 70025.

Accessible closet rods and shelves; safe; telephone and desk; and bathroom with roll-in shower, grabs bars
and accessible lavatory.
Wheelchair accessible public restroom's are located throughout our ships. (Accessible route brochure, click
on appropriate ship below).

Onboard Wheelchairs
Onboard Wheelchairs are limited for emergency use only. If you require the use of a wheelchair while
onboard, you must bring your own, or rent one.
Carnival will provide Wheelchair assistance for embarkation and debarkation Guests arriving at the
designated port of departure should contact a Carnival Embarkation Host /Hostess once they arrive.
Debarkation procedures will be printed in the Carnival Capers onboard.
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