You Haven't Live Until You Cruised

For those who enjoy travel, cruising is one of the most rewarding. It's an adventure that begins before your ship leaves the
dock. Destination, cruise line, itinerary, activities, dining options and accommodations all play into the overall experience, good or
otherwise. A few tips can help first-time cruisers enjoy their voyage like seasoned ocean travelers.

Every day, more and more people are discovering the all-inclusive pleasures of a cruise vacation. More singles, families, couples,
honeymooners, second honeymooners and groups of friends are sailing away on the vacation of their lives. Last year alone
approximately seven million people enjoyed a cruise vacation.  To ensure you have a smooth trip, see our tips on
First Time
and Everyone's Asking.  And as always, remember to consult with a travel agent for your next cruise to ensure you have
the best experience possible.

Take a Short Cruise First

While many people enjoy cruising, there are those who feel confined being on a ship for the majority of their vacation. In order
to determine that a cruise is a good vacation choice, it's wise for first-timers to take a three- or four-day cruise to test the
waters before opting for a longer cruise.

Schedule Shore Excursions

Scheduling shore excursions in advance has some benefits. If the shore excursions are booked ahead of time, there is no need
to stand in line at the ship's excursion desk upon boarding. The shore tickets will be delivered to the room or delivered at the
first night's dinner. Some of the more popular shore excursions, like swimming with dolphins, can fill up fast, so booking in
advance is necessary. Spa appointments should be pre-booked as well to ensure they can be scheduled on days at sea. This way
there is more free time available while at ports of call.
Your Choice Dining means lots of
great food choices for you.  If it's
popular for breakfast, we have it. And
with so many activities to work up a
midday appetite, we have even more
ways to satisfy it.
Try full service in the main restaurant,
sea view bistro's flexible hours and
casual T-shirt and shorts dress code,
make it the perfect choice.
Suite --
These extra-large accommodations have a
separate sitting area and spacious balcony
All staterooms are comfortable and
spacious. Whether you choose Interior or
Ocean View, Balcony, Suite or Penthouse
Suite, you'll get the same personal attention!
From the wonderfully unique towel animals
to the nightly mint on your pillow, we strive
to provide exceptional service for each one
of our guests during their fun-filled cruise.

Your cruise ship light's up when the
sun goes down.  
Casinos - Feeling
lucky?  Step inside the friendly casinos
and try your hand at the latest games
-of-chance. Luck be a lady tonight
Or in the afternoon. After all, the
casino is open day and night when
you're out at sea. . .
Shows -Let your
cruise ship entertain you - Live! Enjoy
a show.  See the glittering, glamorous
and glorious award-winning stage
shows, amazing musical acts and
side-splitting comedians in showrooms
where there's not a bad seat in the
.A club or bar for every taste - There are
places for slow dancing and for rock.
There are rockin' and cozy lounges
where conversation is key. Most ships
have sports bars and many have a
wine bar. It won't be long before you're
calling one of them "our place."  No
matter what your idea of a fabulous
night-on-the-town is; Your cruise ship
have got you covered.
You'll be soothed by the ambiance,
renewed with premium beauty and
wellness therapies, relaxed with hot
stones or aromatherapy, and wrapped for
the benefit of restoring your vital
energies. This is your time to be spoiled,
indulged, pampered and beautified. Lay
back, close your eyes, and feel the
stress sail away as you tranquilize your
body and mind...then let our skilled,
professional staff condition your hair &
scalp, give you a great cut or maybe
even add some color. Enjoy this moment
just for you.
You can feel it the moment
you board ship.  Inside - With
so much to see and do, the  
interiors the make your cruise
less like being on a ships and
more swing at our new 9-hole
mini golf course, or go for a
run on the jogging track, or  
take a plunge down  Twister
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