Liz Elegant Travel Company Policy
1.     You must accept our Terms and Conditions before any payment will be

2.     You must register in the name of your government issued ID you will use for
travel.   (if you passport  is in your maiden name, you must register in your maiden
name).  Please understand that you are responsible for any name change fees.

3.     You must complete a credit card authorization form when making your first

4.     Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices cannot be guaranteed until
your credit card is charged.

5.      A one-time name change can be made before final deadline.  Name change fee
of $50 after final deadline.


7.     You must make monthly payments or there abouts on your reservation after
your initial first deposit.  Any payment amount of $50 or more is acceptable.

8.     If you fail to make monthly payments, or there abouts, your reservation is
subject to cancellation and any previous deposits will be forfeited and you room
will/can be re-sold.  If you are falling behind on payments please contact us to
bring it to our attention or we can only assume you have abandon your

9.     Late fee of $50 per person are due after final deadline.  Late payments are only
accepted by approval of management.  You must let us know in advance.

10.   Liz Elegant Travel recommend that you protect your investments by
purchasing Travel
Insurance or Vacation Insurance.  Travel insurance quotes can be found at
Guard Insurance, Allianz Travel Insurance, Travelex Insurance or you can get a
quote through the cruise lines.  If you choose not to purchase either Insurance
policy, you
must complete the Insurance Waiver Form.

11.  Liz Elegant Travel recommend that you complete the
Emergency Contact Form.

12.   Account summaries are sent to everyone sharing the room only.        
Liz Elegant Travel                               LIZ ELEGANT TRAVEL COMPANY POLICIES

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